Guide To Choosing The Right Window Tinting For Your Home

Tinting the windows of a house offers several benefits which need to be considered. Firstly, the tints will trap heat and air-conditioning inside the house, reducing household bills and making the home much more environmentally-friendly. Tinting makes windows much stronger and will prevent chips and cracks from appearing as easily as they did before. The tints will darken the windows enough to increase privacy and to make the house more secure against the threat of a break-in. The process will also help to block out harmful ultra-violet rays that can cause skin cancer and other issues.


There are several different types of home window tinting in Perth to choose from. Read this helpful guide in order to choose which type is the most suitable one for the home.

Carbon Window Film

The film used in this type of tint is carbon-based. This type of tinting provides a high level of privacy. Carbon is an extremely resilient material, so this helps to make the tints extremely durable and resistant to damage. The carbon is designed to trap heat inside the house, so this is an eco-friendly option and will help to reduce household bills in the long-term.

This is a multi-purpose type of tint which can help homeowners solve a variety of problems that they are having with their windows. Rayban Window Tinting supplies carbon tints.

Metallic Film

As the name suggests, the type of tint used in this type of film is metallic. Tiny particles of metal are applied to the film in order to make the window stronger than it was before. People should get this type of tint if they are concerned about chips and cracks appearing in their windows.

Dyed Window Film

Dyed window tint film is applied by sticking a dyed layer onto the adhesive film of the tinting material. This is the most economical form of window tinting and can be useful for people if they are on a tight budget. This type of window tinting is useful for increasing privacy and security in the house because it will appear opaque from the outside.

Some heat will be absorbed in the dye that is used. However, the drawback of this type of film is that it does not provide as much heat-reduction as other types of window tinting. Consider another type of tint is reducing household bills is the most important concern.

Ceramic Film

Ceramic film is the costliest type of window tint, so homeowners will carefully need to consider their budget before making a final choice. Whilst this tint may be costly, it is also the most effective. This is a relatively recent development in the industry. It is very effective at trapping heat inside the house as well as reducing the effects of glare. Cancer-causing UV rays are blocked out successfully by the material. Also, the opaque nature of the ceramic film will ensure that people will not be able to see inside the house from the outside. People should consider installing this tint if they have a large budget.

Use this guide to choose the right type of tint.