Five Steps to Take Control of Your Finances for Good

Want to finally Take Control of Your Finances?

Are you looking to reign in your finances or have you had a recent spate of bad investment returns? If so, you are likely eager to break this cycle. Let’s look at five steps which will help you regain your trading edge.

1. Living Within (or Below) Your Means

Before we continue, it should be noted that the only way you will be able to become involved with the markets is if you have the money to invest. This is the first step associated with taking control of your finances. Live at or below your means and never spend funds that you do not have. Credit comes and goes. Be sure that it remains on your side.

2. Setting the Ground Rules

You will next need to formulate a handful of financial rules that should be adhered to at all times. These guidelines can provide you with the discipline that is required to make sound decisions when the opportunity arises. Some tried-and-tested mantras to follow are:

  • Create weekly or monthly limits regarding the amount that you can invest.
  • Always do your research before becoming involved with a specific asset. Set aside a time of the day that is solely devoted to trading.
  • Do not become swayed by gimmicks or promises to make you a millionaire.


If these ground rules are adopted in advance, you can be certain that you are on the right path.

3. Choosing the Right Investment Platform

It is pivotal that you select a reputable and well-known online trading platform. The only reason that the Apollo astronauts were able to fly to the moon was the fact that they had a reliable rocket beneath them. Embrace this very same concept when selecting an online broker. Look for a diversified platform which is associated with positive client reviews.

4. Short or Long Term?

Are you a short- or a long-term trader? If you opt for long-term ventures, it might be a good idea to seek out blue-chip stocks which can pay dividends or even a holding in precious metals. Should you be keen on short-term trades, popular assets such as CFDs can be excellent tools. Trading CFDs isn’t difficult and can be quite lucrative if you approach these instruments with insight and preparation. Like any investment strategy, it pays to appreciate the mechanics behind contracts for difference. You can then capitalise upon the opportunities that await.

5. Know Your Emotional Triggers

Emotional triggers can affect even the most seasoned traders. These traps could cloud your judgement and quickly lead to grave errors. Many feel that the two most predominant distractions are overconfidence and a fear of loss. Either one of these extremes should be recognised at an early stage. If you feel tired, discouraged, afraid or simply unfocused, the best strategy is to step away and to trade at a later time.

These five steps can lay the groundwork for your future success. Each should be used in synergy with the others in order to achieve financial freedom.