How Fire Cabinets Protect your Stuff

Flamable Materials

Fire resistant cabinets are essential if you want to protect flammable materials from fire, and most businesses will have a few of these tough containers hidden away, and in the event of a fire, the combustible materials will be intact. There are also special fire resistant filing cabinets, used to protect valuable documents from destruction by fire. While you might have seen one, or maybe you actually own a fireproof cabinet, most people do not know how they work, so here is a brief explanation.

What are the Contents?

This is an essential question to ask before purchasing a fire resistant cabinet. If you are storing flammable materials, you will require something that is certified to government standards. There are online suppliers of fire resistant cabinets, and if, for example, you are trying to find a fire cabinet in Perth, a simple online search will put you in touch with a reputable supplier in your area. Once you have established what you are storing, then you can approach a supplier and they can make a recommendation.

Double Wall of Steel

Typically, a fire resistant cabinet has a double wall of steel, and the cavity is filled with a special fire resistant composite. Some cabinets are designed to seal the interior in the event of a fire, while others have special channels to divert the smoke away from the interior, and the design of the cabinet really does depend on the items you are storing.

Hazardous Materials

Special fire resistant cabinets are used to store dangerous items such as toxic chemicals and poisons, and these have steel walls at least 12mm thick, and would also have cavity insulation that is certified to withstand very high temperatures.

Industry Requirements

Heavy industry, such as mining and gas exploration, require special storage facilities for volatile materials, and there are strict laws regarding the storage of explosives and toxic materials, with certain standards that must be met. If, for example, you were looking for a fire cabinet in Perth, or any other city, there are online suppliers of fire resistant cabinets and other essential safety equipment. Fire is always a risk and when you are working with certain materials, safe storage is essential, which is why there are specialist suppliers of fire resistant cabinets for all types of materials.

Minimum Moving Parts

This is the secret to a good fire resistant cabinet, and to have only one moving part that opens and closes the door is ideal, and with doors that open fully, it is easy to slide out the removable shelves. Whether you need to store important documents or dangerous materials, there are suppliers of specialised cabinets that will protect the contents in the event of a fire.

Fire resistant cabinets and safety equipment are an essential part of many industries and with established suppliers, safety and protection are both a prime concern, and they can deliver quality products at affordable prices.