Collectables Fathers Can Share with Their Kids

As a father, nothing is more special than being able to share your love of things with your children. Fathers that are mechanically inclined will often have kids that have similar skills because they share their knowledge with them over the years. Dads that are infatuated with sports have a good chance of having kids that feel the same way. All of these are hobbies that are shared with your kids, but being able to pass down physical collectables can bring you even closer together.

Baseball Cards

Most boys collect baseball cards at some time in their lives. It is a hobby that some don’t ever grow out of. If you are a father that still has their baseball card collection, being able to pass it down to your children someday will definitely be a special moment. Discussing favorite players and the all-time greats will often lead to stories from your own childhood that they may share with your grandchildren in the future.

Comic Books

Superhero movies and television shows are being created at an astounding rate nowadays. If you are a child or an adult that loves superheroes, this is the perfect time to be alive. And if you still have your comic book collection from when you were a kid, your children are going to love reading through these with you. Fathers are usually the ones that appreciate superheroes, so most likely the mothers are going to be on the outside looking in. Purchasing a comic book price guide and bagging and tagging all your old comic books with their new ones could provide you with hours and hours of enjoyment.

Movie and TV Show Collection

There were no such things as vcr’s and dvd’s when my own father was young. He never had a chance to compile a movie and television show collection to share with his children. Now we all have our own dvd collections building up on our shelves in our house. Sharing favorite movies and tv shows is definitely an extension of family time. Countless time will be spent on the couch together and talks will he held on what makes these videos so great. They may agree with some of your choices, or they may think your tastes are ancient and outdated. In any case, at least you will be spending time with your children. Who cares if you are the butt of the joke!

Action Figures and Other Toys

I can’t tell you how many G.I. Joes, Transformers, and He-Man action figures I had as a youngster. (And yes, I have learned to call them action figures instead of dolls since it sounds much more manly that way.) In fact, I kept them in my parents’ basement safe and tucked away so I could eventually share them with my own children. But my dad had a different idea in mind. Once I moved out of the house, he sold all of my old toys on ebay and never bothered to tell me about it. However, since I am an adult and still scared of my father, I keep my mouth shut. Hopefully, you have saved your toys from your childhood and can pass them on down to the next generation! They will love them and hopefully not sell them online.

Diecast Cars

Diecast cars like Hot Wheels are still a favorite collectable for men and children. As a young boy, nothing can beat zooming these cars back and forth on the kitchen floor. If you no longer have the cars that you played with as a child, there are places to look where you can find the collectable diecast you are looking for. Starting a new collection with your children is something that will provide you immense enjoyment!