Can You Make Sustainable Profits with Online Trading?

Can You Make Sustainable Profits with Online Trading?
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American businessman and president-elect, Donald Trump’s electoral victory has sent global markets spinning. The financial markets indicated that Wall Street could take its biggest plunge ever.

As a beginner trader, you need to be with a reputable broker to know how to trade because Trump will certainly have an effect on trading, with volatility in the markets set to continue and unlikely to calm down soon.

Dividend-Growth Stocks

Experts in trading suggest that with Trump in the White House, traders should look at stocks such as Apple, Smith & Wesson, but this needs to be checked out with the likes of CNNMoney (, the world’s biggest business website with news on personal finance, market, stock quotes and more. Forbes too is a leading source for reliable news on stocks and they say that traders should be investing in companies that regularly grow their dividends. In fact, for a while Forbes will be freely offering their favorite stocks to Forbes readers. These dividend-growth stocks are from companies they’ve researched.

A Diversified Portfolio

A number of people play the stock market because they’ve heard it can be lucrative – when played properly. Many people find that having one job isn’t enough and they look to play the stock market to earn themselves some extra cash. You may well start with a few stocks and perhaps a mutual fund, but as you become more seasoned, you’ll want more choices.

Choose your online trading company carefully – one who has decades of experience so that you can be confident with their skills and also so that you can have a more diversified portfolio. Diversification is imperative for facing risks.

You’ll certainly want an FCA-regulated broker who not only sticks to all the regulatory requirements but who has thousands of spread betting and CFD markets to trade across shares, forex, indices, commodities etc.

Tools to Optimize Trades

Online trading is enormously popular as it offers access to almost any stock. Regardless of how you trade, there’s always risk, whether online or offline, but that’s what makes trading so exciting.

One of the advantages of online trading is that you don’t get those high fees that come with traditional trading. Another thing with online trading is that you’re able to execute a trade almost immediately. To initiate a trade off-line you might have to make an appointment or phone around, and the time involved in such transactions can be inconvenient and cost you in the long run.

The beauty about online trading is that many trading companies offer their customers a worthwhile range of tools to help optimize trades. That’s exactly how CMC Markets are – as a foreign exchange broker you can seriously develop your trading skills with their suite of free education tools. You’ll find platform guides, advanced trading strategies and dedicated trading webinars so that you can improve your knowledge of the financial markets.

With trading you have to be constantly looking for a trading company who can offer –

  • Great strategy tools and resources
  • A comprehensive trading platform – better so if it’s an award-winning platform
  • 24/7 which includes live chat too
  • FAQs so that all your queries can be answered
  • Free online webinars
  • Advanced trading strategies
  • Low online brokerage fees
  • Demo account

With online trading you want a dedicated trader education page. This is important because you’re kept up to date with information on seminars in major cities, on demand videos as well as guided tours of the CFD platform.

Traders want to be able to access their accounts easily – through their mobile devices as well as through the Internet or by phone. They need to be able to view their portfolio balance as well as their settlement account balance. Market information is important to the online trader. They will want accesses to live quotes, buy or sell signals, email and SMS alerts, daily market reports, economic reports as well as broker recommendations.

You can see that when it comes to trading, investment decisions are important surrounding the likes of stocks or bonds, but of critical importance is the choice of the right broker. Do your research and you’ll find there are many brokers, but successful, exciting trading means making a good broker choice.

A Worthwhile Trading Experience

Make your trading experience worthwhile first time around and ensure you’re connected to a broker with a super, award winning platform – this way you ensure you know how to trade in rocky- and smooth times.