Best Technological Inventions of All Time

Technology is very important because without it things would have been much slower and people would still be dying of curable diseases. Technological gadgets have made life so much easier and the world is now like one global village despite the fact that there are different cultures. Besides best high roller casinos technology, here are the best technological inventions of all time.

Microwave Oven

Percy Spencer invented the Microwave Oven. He accidentally discovered it, today it has brought convenience in many homes in the world. Spencer was an American engineer, he discovered the microwave in 1945.

Polio Vaccine

Polio Vaccine was discovered by Jonas Salk. This vaccine was first used in 1955. There were more than 20 thousand cases of polio when the vaccine was discovered and the numbers dropped to just 22 in the year 2017. Polio is a disease which causes paralysis.

Hard Drive

A hard drive is an electronic storage device. IBM invented the first hard drive, it was first sold in 1957. If it was not for the hard drive people would still be storing data on paper which was hard because information would be hard to find and it would be unorganized. Instead of storing important data in a big room information is stored on a small hard drive.  Today, this invention is now being used on computers and laptops as well as computer servers used for big sites like and many others. 

Birth Control Pill

The Birth Control Pill allows menstrual disorders to happen and it prevents ovulation. If it was not for this pill, there would have been so many unwanted pregnancies. The Birth Control Pill is taken orally by women only.

Jet Airliner

The first jet airliner was invented by Frank Whittle in 1939. It was then modified by Hans Von. A jet airliner is powered by jet engines. This allowed people to travel by air. Traveling by plane has brought so much convenience; a journey that took days by road is now taking hours for a person to complete.