The Adrian Rubin Facebook advertising guide

It feels just yesterday that the media outlets were spinning headlines about the 70,000 users that Facebook had. Now, it’s certainly fair to say that the online platform has significantly more and to put things into perspective, it’s now in the billions.

All of these users have presented some immense advertising potential for companies who are looking to showcase their brand in front of users without making them feel as though they are scamming them, or acting as a fraud.

Unfortunately, it can be a little tricky to probe into Facebook advertising, which is why we have formed the following Adrian Rubin Facebook advertising guide.

Take advantage of audience insights

As anyone who has carved a successful career in marketing will tell you, it’s crucial to know your audience. This is one of the reasons why the Audience Insights feature in Facebook is so valuable.

Before you start to feel guilty about using such data, it’s worth mentioning that all Facebook users agree to be targeted in such a way when they subscribe to the service. In other words, you’re not going to be getting a knock on the door from the FBI just because you are targeting your adverts in such an intricate way.

This should be the very first thing you do, as it immediately provides you with the users who you know will be interested in the advert you are about to run.

Build landing pages

Next, it’s all about finding out what to do with your users once you have built your ads. Let’s for example say that you are targeting users on the platform who have just had their payday, and ultimately might be more interested in spending money.

Don’t fall into the trap of sending them directly to your website. While this might appear obvious, it’s a step that seldom works.

Instead, you need landing pages. These landing pages are not based on Facebook, but act as a way to give more information to your users and attempt to convince them that your service is the one they should be using.

Studies have shown that those companies who don’t use landing pages are much less likely to succeed.

Make your imagery count

We have probably all been victims of that terrible flashing imagery that advertising agencies simply love to use – but there’s a reason behind this approach. It’s something that captures attention and like it or not, this is crucial.

While Facebook actually has strict rules regarding its adverts (and if you are found guilty of breaking them, you won’t only be going against our Adrian Rubin guide but you may even be banned from their platform), it’s still worth pushing the boundaries as much as possible.

Use relevant images, or anything else that will catch a user’s eye and make your CTR soar. Again, be careful in relation to the various regulations that Facebook sets about images, but also be conscious that this is the main opportunity you have to capture attention. As the saying goes, a picture tells a thousand words.