4 Tips For Boosting Your Online Business In Less Than Three Months

Getting your online business more traffic is something that can take quite a bit of legwork to achieve. For some, this can be a frustrating task, especially when considering the amount of effort put in compared to the results that came out. However, there are some certain strategies you can use to boost your online business quickly that are not only cost efficient, but fairly intuitive as well. Check them out below:

Become More Engaged On Social

As a medium we not only use to engage with one another, social media has also become a source for research, reviews, general inquiry and even finding online lottery offers. Especially when you consider how often we turn to sites like Instagram or Twitter as our first source for information, that trend follows along from exploring about a new restaurant all the way up to learning about a new business. And for your online company, capitalizing on that trend is vital for being the first point of discovery.


Start by exploring the community that already exists for the industry. There are most likely specific hashtags, tags, and design trends that follow general hubs of conversation. In fact, as noted by Sprout Social, Instagram posts with at least one hashtag receive 12.6 percent more engagement, proving that these are genuine points of discovery when people want to engage within a community. Of course, utilizing these practices will help you generate an audience; after you learn a little bit about how to acquire more Instagram followers, you’ll be well on your way to generating traffic for your online business from social media.

Invest In Email

Although many of us hate receiving them, marketing emails can have a pretty great return (especially for eCommerce). According to Constant Contact, for every $1 that’s spent on email, an approximate return of $38 is seen, which can be quite a hefty addition to your revenue streams if you know how to position yourself right. However, first, that comes with knowing how to make an all-star email campaign.

A significant part of email is creating captivating content. From your subject line to the final signature, everything needs to be positioned within your brand, as well as highlight a story based on your product or service. Beyond just the creative aspects, it’s also a wise idea to work with an email marketing software like MailChimp to add custom design as well as start working on metrics like engagement and open rate. As email marketing can be somewhat complex at first, start to dive in and learn the ins and outs of what makes it intuitive for your business to use, as email is something that can continuously drive traffic over time.

Get Familiar With SEO

One great tool to consider for your business to use is SEO or search engine optimization which is how highly you rank on websites like Google. SEO is a great practice for how people can discover your business even when you aren’t actively working on marketing, as it places you at different ranks depending on the keyword metrics you’re using on your website. This is an important point of discovery for most businesses because as noted by PingUp, 93 percent of online experiences begin with search; which, if you’re trying to reach that audience, then it starts with familiarizing yourself with some SEO strategy.

SEO is all about finding the balance between what people are most likely going to search to find you while still being something specific or intricate enough to your business over the competition. For example, if I’m one of the only clothing stores that sell black Acne jeans year round, then capitalizing on “black Acne jeans” in my websites tags and copywriting will be advantageous. To master this, start digging through some search terms that your business might be able to utilize over others in your field, as ranking towards the top of Google will continuously bring you a foundation of traffic.

Don’t Forget About Design

Finally, out of all the strategies and techniques you can use to bring in traffic, they’re all a considerably moot point if your website is designed poorly. After all, as your website is the hub for your business, directing the buying flow from entry to check-out is a very particular science and one you need to consider when looking for ways to boost your traffic. Granted, this is a process that generally takes some trial and error, which is why performing audits and A/B testing is a must.

A smart way to test through your design is simply by first going through the steps of buying something both on desktop and mobile (which as noted by TechCrunch, consumes an average of five hours per day of our screentime). As you run through this, ask yourself what type of limitations you think others would have, or even where roadblocks might occur. The more you’re able to decipher where improvements can be made for someone to get from A to B, the better, as that’s the entire goal of your process. Remember, your online business should have an end-goal to every interaction, which will most likely always be the guiding star you should use for success.

What are some ways you’ve found success in boosting your online business?