Ways to Cope With Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is probably the one thing that any man would wish to avoid and should it ever happen, it can cause a great amount of stress and anxiety. With this being said however, erectile dysfunction is far more common than you may think with almost 45% of 40 year old males or older, suffering from the condition. Many times this can be something very short term that you should try not to worry about, on other occasions, it could be more serious. Regardless of how long term this problem is, here is how to deal with it when it happens.

Doctor First

As we have mentioned, the large majority of ED cases are very temporary and could be the result of stress, poor health or recent changes in levels of testosterone. In spite of this however, it is always worth getting checked over by your doctor to ensure that there isn’t something more serious going on.


There is no medicine to cure ED but you can look at alternative options such as Viagra or Cialis which are tablets that help to encourage blood flow to the penis. Speak to your doctor before you pick up any of these tablets so that they can help you get the dosage right. Much of ED exists in the  mind rather than the body and what these pills will do for you is to help you realize that you are not broken, and that just a few changes can fix the issue which you are having in the bedroom.


One of the best ways to treat ED is with a healthy diet and lots of physical exercise. This is a signal from your body that things aren’t right and so you should make sure that you review the way in which you live your life, and make changes accordingly. If you drink too much, smoke, eat too many fatty foods and don’t get the exercise that your body needs, ED is a very common symptom that you need to change your lifestyle.



It’s really important that this  subject isn’t brushed under the carpet with your partner and that you have a full and frank discussion about it. Very often your partner may blame themselves for what has happened and it is crucial that you try to avoid this as it could breed insecurities for something that is not their fault. Involve your partner every step of the way and ask for their patience whilst you try to address the problem.

Anxiety Avoidance

If ED happens once or twice, it is usually nothing to worry about at all but it can be very easy for you to get hung up on what has happened. The danger of worrying about what has happened is that the next time you go to the bedroom, you will be focusing on what happened last time and you end up in a viscous circle. Try to relax if it happens once or twice, forget about the issue and let things go naturally, if you don’t, you could actually cause yourself more of an issue.