Top Tips for Saving Money

It doesn’t matter what kind of salary you are on, there is always room to create more money, you could opt to look for another stream of income or you could commit yourself to a plan that will save you money. You would be surprised just how much money you could save in your daily life if only you spent a little time looking at the money that you spend month on month. The good news is that there are loads of money saving tips out there for you to follow and here are a few of our favorites.


Energy Bills

There are lots of ways of keeping your energy bills down, lots of people simply pay their bills each month almost unconsciously, you can save a lot of money if you start paying attention to them. Simple things like switching lights off when not in use, closing doors to keep the heat in and putting a jumper on when you feel cold instead of turning the heating on will help. You should also be looking to review your energy rates regularly and switch to a different provider that offers a promotion or cheaper deals. For electricity costs, you should consider having solar panels placed on your roof, Sunnova Solar is one such company who offers this and their customers say that it has saved as much as 20% on annual electricity bills.

Shopping and Coupons

The world of coupons is not what it once was, back in the day you would have to search through weekly women’s magazines to find paper coupons to save a bit of money on a liter of milk. These days however, couponing is big business and there are thousands of companies who offer outstanding promotions and discounts through websites like Groupon. Simply sign up to the site and get searching for offers, you can save countless dollars each month on anything form your weekly shop to gifts.

Loyalty Rewards

If you use a particular business or service frequently then you should investigate whether they have any kind of loyalty system. Most big businesses offer great rewards for loyal customers, this could be as simple as a free coffee from your favorite cafe to free air flights from your credit card. Very often you will need to register for a loyalty bonus and far too many people let this opportunity pass them by.

Sell Don’t Hoard

It is important that you take the approach of selling goods that you no longer need, lots of people simply throw stuff away or place it deep into a closet when they no longer need something when instead, they could opt to sell it. Old tech, clothing and furniture can make you quite a bit of money when you sell it and it is a far better approach than simply hiding it away, never to be seen again. If you can get into the practice of doing this then you will be able to make extra money that you weren’t expecting.