Tips to Get the Most Out Of Your Trip to Delhi



Delhi is a huge metropolitan area in the North of India, and the sprawling city consists of eleven districts. The city is massive and so bustling that it’s easy for tourists to feel lost, or to leave feeling as if they have learnt very little about the area they stayed in. Here are my tips for getting the most out of your trip to Delhi.

Get your Visa Sorted

Regardless of your travel plans, getting your visa well sorted is always a good place to start. Lucky for you, the process for obtaining an Indian travel visa is quite straightforward, and under most circumstances, it can be done online. Get your tourist visa India.  

Research the Different Areas of the City

With a city so vast and crowded, it’s easy for tourists to fall into the so called ‘tourist traps’, and as a result see very little of the real Delhi. (Very) simply speaking, Delhi for tourists can be divided into New Delhi, South Delhi and Old Delhi.

New Delhi is the capital of India, and is actually a city of its own. Designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens under the British, it features wide, well paved roads, air conditioned shopping malls, skyscrapers and a more progressive culture. A clean, safe metro runs through this area.

Old Delhi, is positively dripping in history. It has been the capital of seven civilisations throughout history, before being that of modern India, and as a result is filled with monuments and historically meaningful sights. However, Old Delhi is dirtier and less progressive than New Delhi, and the crowds seem a bit tighter and more suffocating, especially for a tourist not accustomed to the densely populated Indian mega cities.

South Delhi is the residential area favored by the wealthy. A fun place to walk and window shop is Qutub Complex, where high end and boutique stores flourish alongside ancient ruins. This is also a great area to look for a nice boutique hotel to stay in.

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Take the Necessary Safety Precautions

Pickpockets are lurking in all major cities, but in an area as densely populated as Delhi it’s wise to take extra precautions to keep your personal items safe. If you’re carrying cash, it’s wise to split it up, so if you do get targeted, not all your money will be taken. Try putting some cash in your wallet, and some in an inside pocket of your jacket. If possible, leave your passport and other important items in a safe in your hotel.

Its also wise to take extra care of your health while traveling in India. Delhi-belly is very real and happens to almost all tourists. That said, there are some tips and tricks to avoid getting sick. Drink only bottled water, and avoid ice-cubes and choose cooked foods over fresh fruit and vegetables, as these have likely been washed with dirty water. Also, take a trip to your local pharmacy before you leave to make sure you have some meds on hand incase you do get sick.

A trip to Delhi isn’t just a vacation, it’s an experience! If you embrace the beauty in the chaos, and do some planning prior to your arrival, the trip is sure to be a success! Enjoy!

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