The Best Places to Buy Ranch Land in the US

Along with shelter and clothing, one of the most basic necessities of life is food. Without the sustenance derived from food, humans couldn’t possibly survive. Therefore, to secure this basic necessity, farming has been adopted to produce and distribute food to the public to ensure survival. In addition, farming has also become an avenue for making money, and why not, people need food and they will pay good money to get it.

The United States, especially the American West, is filled with an abundance of grasslands with beautiful landscapes and the perfect climate and ecosystem for farming. These are perfect conditions for individuals who intend to buy farmland and venture into the vast, rewarding world of farming.

Several land and property companies in the United States are in the business of providing good quality ranch land for sale. For instance, there are several Harrigan ranch land for sale in various parts of the country including Utah, Montana, and Colorado.

There are several factors to consider when buying ranch land in the US such as operation plans, ecology, land leases, water resources, infrastructure, and facilities. However, the following are some of the best places to buy ranch land in the US.


Diverse landscapes, flat tax rates, and arable lands are what make Utah one of the best locations to buy a ranch. There are arable lands all over the picturesque state of Utah, however, different regions in the state are better suited for different farming practices and other preferences.

For instance, the ranches in Central and Northeastern Utah are perfect for livestock farming, therefore, you can find many livestock (including equestrian) and agricultural ranches in the region. Furthermore, the region is known for its proximity to the attractions in Salt Lake City and recreational activities such as mountain biking, hiking, and skiing.

Due to the beautiful scenery and easy access to major cities, the ranches in the western part of Utah are mostly residential. Although they are also known for their equestrian ranches.


The ranches in Colorado share proximity with resort towns, larger cities, infrastructure, and facilities. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise to learn that there is a very high demand for the land there than in the surrounding states. Furthermore, Colorado has a diverse topography, farming tax exemptions, and landowners are allowed mineral rights income from any mineral found on their property.

In addition, the state laws are flexible in that they allow farmers full authority to do whatever they want with their land. In case you choose to live on your Colorado ranch land, your house will be surrounded by tall trees and beautiful vegetation and wildlife.


Buying ranch land in Montana is profitable for several reasons. For starters, the soil is diverse and nutritionally beneficial to several types of farm animals including cattle. One of the best parts of owning ranch land in Montana is the possibility of owning larger acreage ranches that lets you house any kind of farm animal you want, have a lot of space to yourself, and enjoy recreational activities such as fly fishing, hiking or camping.

Additionally, on ranches that fit the required size limit, ranch landowners can acquire tax benefits. Montana also constitutes a large and growing community which leads to an increase in the needed amenities.