SEO IS Still Relevant And Here Is Why Your Business Should Be Invested

It is 2018 and once again, we have many people saying that SEO is dead, once again however, these people would be wrong as it is as alive and kicking as it ever has been. There is no doubt that the practices and method which SEO companies like and their fellow professionals are using, has changed with the times. The strategy however, remains the same, seeking the same goal as it always has which is great value advertising.

Every business worth their salt should have a digital marketing plan, big or small, and in each example SEO should play a major role. Let’s have a look at what this practice can do for your business and why you should include it in your marketing strategy.

Great ROI

The first consideration for most businesses when the theme of marketing comes up, is finance, and whether or not a particular strategy is worth the investment. When it comes to SEO however, there is no question as you are offered a great return on investment. The staggering aspect of SEO is that it offers great ROI on the metrics available, that does not account for the impressions and exposure which cannot yet be measured. Search engines are growing greatly in popularity of use in terms of the consumer market, meaning that there has never been a better time to invest in pushing your business up the search rankings.

Mobile Use

A representation of how SEO has changed over the years is the new importance on mobile bandwidth usage. In 2017 the amount of traffic that came from mobile devices exceeded what was delivered to desktops. This opens up a whole new avenue where you can promote your business, the brand, and its products and services. Investing in SEO now and focussing on mobile would be a very smart business move.


Search engine optimisation is most definitely a great tool for promoting your brand, introducing your business to the world and seeking further business, it is also a great tool to keep up with you competition. It is simple, if your competition has not invested in SEO, then you can gain ground, if they have, then you cannot afford to lose ground. This marketing strategy is an ever changing process and losing ground will almost definitely mean losing market share.

Staying Relevant

The reason why most search engines constantly change their algorithms and evolve, is to give the user the best possible experience. The way in which search engines do this, regarding business, is through trust rankings, viewing connections and links between websites, businesses, and consumers. If you are not part of the conversation in terms of offering up strong SEO practices behind your business, you will not be a big part of the conversation, and risk getting left behind as technology advances.

Don’t listen to those who tell you that this strategy is dead, doing so could see you lose a great opportunity for your business.