NFL Betting – The Do’s And Don’ts

The annual NFL season brings a jam-packed season of football action to fans and sports bettors. For punters looking for an actual chance of banking it big, there’s nothing quite like the NFL – especially once the action reaches Super Bowl mania. 

But for anything to be successful, there must be a plan, or strategy, in place. And we’re here to help you formulate exactly that. 

The Do’s 

First and foremost, in terms of what to do, is staying up to date with all the latest NFL picks and news. 

Lucky for punters, there’s oodles of media attention surrounding the league. This means you’ll always have plenty of valuable information at your disposal as you consider your next big wager. 

Secondly, be sure to look out for underdogs. By backing the underdog, you get to take advantage of potentially massive opportunities. Even though these might not be easy to spot, especially for beginners, once you’ve honed your skills, you’ll be in a position to get the most bang for your betting buck. 

Thirdly, be sure to parlay your bets. This is probably the best way to maximise your returns and turn a huge profit. Most sportsbooks, both retail as well as online, offer exciting parlay betting markets. 

The Don’ts 

Never bet according to emotions. While most punters have their favourite team and/or player, it might not be the best option. Instead of allowing your emotions to rule your betting decisions, think smart. Use your head. 

Steer clear from always backing the favourite. The NFL is a world full of upsets – learn how to capitalize by turning underdog bets into real money. 

Don’t let past records cloud your thinking. Remember that winning records aren’t everything. Instead of always backing the winning team, consider everything there is to know about the team “in the now”, including injury reports and the current strengths of the opposing team. 


  • Bettors often want to know which wager is best when putting money on the NFL. The fact of the matter is that bets are often different for each punter. Some folks are much better at placing futures and prop bets, while others find incredible value in moneyline betting. It’s a personal thing. 
  • Those who enjoy prop betting often wonder whether the NFL makes provision for these. The answer is yes. Popular football prop bets include touchdowns, receiving yards, and quarter by quarter scores. These can be extremely lucrative due to longer odds. 
  • Another question often raised is whether there is real money to be made betting on football’s biggest league. This will depend largely on the quality of your betting decisions. Factors to keep in mind include having a solid betting strategy and being able to make smart betting decisions.  

Some Thoughts On Parlays

As mentioned before, parlays are a great way to maximise your earning potential when placing a bet. They’re great fun, and there’s probably no better feeling than getting a 10-paylay bet exactly right. 

Even so, a good strategy is to stick to parlays with between 2 and 5 selections. This will help you to mitigate potential losses.