Lies, Misunderstandings, and Myths about Botox


The problem with social media is that we are constantly being confronted with what we look out. Even if we don’t take our own selfies, other people take them of us. And when we see them, we also suddenly see just how old we’re getting. That doesn’t mean you have to go under the knife, however, as you can simply opt to go to a Botox treatment Orange County CA clinic. However, being the good digital person that you are, you will do some research first, at which point you will quickly come to see thousands of horror stories about Botox. So, it is time to bring out the truth. In simple terms: no, Botox is not dangerous and yes, you can look 10 years younger. Let’s take a look at the misunderstandings, myths, and downright lies that exist about Botox.

The Myths and Lies about Botox

  1. Botox means you will look like a zombie who cannot make any more facial expressions.

This is also known as the “frozen face”. The only way your face will freeze is if you manage to find someone to inject you with Botox with no license, experience, or credentials and qualifications. They will be more than happy to inject you with as much as you want. But there are about a million reasons why you shouldn’t do that.

  1. Botox is the same as a dermal filler.

Absolutely not! Dermal fillers actually fill up wrinkles. Botox stops the muscles that cause the wrinkles from contracting as much.

  1. Botox is incredibly toxic.

Yes, it is, but you weren’t planning on eating it, right? It is made from the same toxin as botulism, the horrible disease. But it is provided in such microscopic quantities that it will not cause this horrible disease. It is for good reason that Botox is FDA approved.

  1. It really hurts to get Botox.

No, it simply doesn’t. The needle is incredibly thin and you will barely feel it. If you are really sensitive, you can have the area sprayed with a freeze spray, or you can have a different mild anesthetic.

  1. Botox is addictive.

Again, only if you are allowed to become addicted to it, which is, again, only through the back alley provider you have already been told to avoid. No doctor will inject you with Botox more than necessary and you won’t be able to fool a different doctor into believing that you haven’t had Botox yet.

  1. Everyone can tell you’ve had Botox.

Not quite true. People will certainly be able to tell that you look younger, but that was the point, wasn’t it? Also, you will find that improvements are quite gradually, taking around two weeks to fully develop.

These are just six of the greatest myths about Botox, and there are many more. As stated earlier, the top and bottom of it is that Botox is perfectly safe and incredibly effective. You just have to make sure that you see a professional who is properly qualified and trained.