Interacting in the VR Online Casino of Tomorrow

The human brain is already hard-wired for enjoying the experience of gambling. We also know from cinema and console gaming that Virtual Reality (VR) is a real attention grabber too. It’s only logical that the two will be brought together and that outcome will probably signal a whole new era for the gambling industry.

The inaugural Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Gambling Conference took place in Prague earlier in the year. It provided the perfect forum for industry entrepreneurs and technicians to get together to chew the fat over where VR/AR is today in the gambling industry and where it will be in the coming months and years.

The first virtual reality casino

SlotsMillion VR is the first virtual reality casino to hit the internet. It launched back in 2015. You can get an idea of what it looks and feels like from this YouTube video. Unless you’ve got something more pressing to do, it’s worth just letting it play-out, then go on to the next video. It’s a real eye-opener of what lies in store. Okay, the graphics are only moderately good, but there is a lot of room for improvement; that will come in no-time.

The scene is already being set for VR and AR (Augmented Reality) to become the next big thing in the online casino arena. It’s even being said that it will have a big part to play in reshaping the future of conventional bricks and mortar casinos too.

Gaming-on-the-go takes off big-time

The online casino fraternity is just getting used to the influx of excitement and interest that mobile gaming has brought to the industry. The MrGreen online casino is a great example of what you can expect from a top class gambling portal. With over 400 games available to play via the website, the new Android and iOS apps make over 300 available on your mobile device.

As one of the foremost online casinos around, Mr Green has to be at the top of his trade, and indeed he is. He has fully embraced the mobile gambling ethos; so much so that his new apps have secured him the title of Best Mobile Casino Operator, not only last year but this year (2017) too.

Gaming-on-the-go is getting more and more popular by the day. You can even interact real time with live croupiers via your mobile device. It’s surely only a matter of time before MrGreen launches his own VR/AR games to keep his casino at the cutting edge of the online and mobile casino industry.

NetEnt to launch VR version of Gonzo’s Quest

One of the gaming software providers that MrGreen uses is a company called NetEnt, and they are already making strides in the VR gaming field. They are developing a VR version of the slot game, Gonzo’s Quest.

Gonzo’s Quest follows the legendary exploits of a team of Spanish conquistadores who were headed-up by Gonzalo Pizzaro. It’s become one of the most popular slots on MrGreen’s online casino. When the VR version is available at leading online casino you will be able to play for wins in a VR/AR world as the bearded hero explores the Amazonian jungles on the lookout for the fabled city of El Dorado. It will of course just be the tip of an enormous iceberg; an iceberg made up of all sorts of gaming goodies.

Interacting in the VR casino of the future

The time can’t be far off when you will be able to play blackjack, poker, roulette, and a host of stunning slots. You will have the wherewithal to interact with your peers inside in a VR casino, as well as with the croupiers and other members of the casino’s staff.

It’s unlikely that gambling in the world of VR will replace gambling on websites via laptops, mobiles and tablets; but it is likely to attract a whole new audience.