How to increase efficiency in a factory

When it comes to How to increase efficiency in a factory, there are a variety of ways to get the job done

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If you have built your business to the point where you have opened a factory, there is a good chance that you have run into problems with efficiency.

Wasteful processes can cost a business untold amounts of money over the long run. If you are wondering how to increase efficiency in a factory, this post will give you a few ideas on how to do just that….

Set stretch goals with rewards

The lack of production goals in a manufacturing facility can lead to an effort that is mediocre at best. Human beings become competitive creatures when they are given a number to shoot for.

What’s more, dangling a carrot at the end of a stick will get even greater effort out of those that need an incentive to do more than the minimum.

Goals can be set from everything from production to waste, so figure out where you want to be, put up a number for your team to reach that is aggressive yet attainable, and keep bumping up that number every time it is reached.

Find bottlenecks on your production line

Most departments produce work that is at least satisfactory. It is only a few areas that hold up the rest of the production line.

By identifying where bottlenecks exist, you can then address them, whether they are issues to do with inefficient processes, or employees that don’t carry their weight.

In all fairness to the people that make up your operation though, it is usually outdated machinery that holds back a workplace.

A prime example of an area that often slows down production is the packaging department. You can do away with manual packaging, or with machines that were installed decades ago, as you can strap your boxes with automatic strapping machines / automatiska bandningsmaskiner.

Solicit improvements ideas from employees

There are no better experts in your company than those that work on your production line. Day in and day out, your employees run the machines that you have installed, and the processes that you have designed.

By implementing a suggestion box and tying rewards to the most productive ideas, you can tap into one of the best sources of innovation in your workplace.

Employ Six Sigma analysis

If you don’t have any engineers on your team, you should seriously consider bringing in one that is trained in Six Sigma to analyze your entire operation.

This industrial engineering system was invented in the mid-80’s by Bill Smith of Motorola. It has gone on to become one of the best tools for process improvement in industries of all kinds.

By focusing on metrics such as cycle time, waste reduction, customer satisfaction, cost reduction and increased profits, it will take every aspect of your operation and analyze them objectively so you can address them effectively.