Hip Hop Fashion Trends of 2018

Seeing that it is a fashion movement on its own, and the popular hip-hop styles are constantly changing and evolving. Even though there are some aspects of the style that have remained the same, you can expect to see some changes during the rest of 2018. If you like to follow the hip-hop trends, keep reading. Today we will be taking a look at some of the current hip-hop trends as well as some of the things that you can expect to see for the rest of this year. 

Baggy Clothes

Although there may have been fluctuating emphasis placed on baggy trends, it has always been a part of the hip-hop style and culture. This year, however, the style is bigger and more prominent than it was in recent years. The baggy style is only a part of the trend. Soft materials, trademarks, and simple tones all form part of this die-hard hip-hop trend. The best thing about this particular trend is its versatility. Getting your hands on the fashion items is not difficult at all and you can get the complete look at a relatively low price.


Back in the 90’s, every rapper and inner-city kid had a pair of Michael Jordan shoes. They are still here, but lately, you can find some high-end designer brands and many different styles to complement your hip hop style. The relationship between hip-hop culture and shoes is so prominent that it sparked a sub-culture called “sneakerheads”. As far as the elements of sneaker design are concerned, you can’t go wrong with the three stripes on the side of the shoe or the white toe. Another crucial part of the trend is that your shoes have to be sparkly white. Dirty shoes don’t fit the trend at all. 


Bucket hats will always remain a big part of hip-hop culture, but lately “dad caps” or baseball caps somehow found their way onto the hip-hop scene. These hats are simple and only have one or two tones. This trend has been made famous by Drake and Wiz Khalifa. This trend also works well with sunglasses and a sweatshirt. Another affordable and simple trend that you can follow today. If this is not your scene, stick to a bucket hat. 


Jewelry is a big part of hip-hop culture. Hip hop jewelry for men is characterized by bulky forms, long and chunky chains, and, lately, wooden beads. Hip-hop rings, ear studs, and watches have more or less remained the same over the years. A few years ago, there seemed to have been a switch from gold to silver jewelry although golden accessories are starting to make a comeback. You can incorporate the hip-hop look to your attire by blending it with a subtle black leather feature. Additionally, disco ball necklaces, crosses, and dollar signs are trending big time when it comes to the hip hop jewelry trend. 

Color Schemes

Generally speaking, the hip-hop style remained the same, despite some changes to color schemes and certain design features. Color schemes are one of the things that change significantly since the dawn of hip-hop. Way back, bright colors and loud patterns were used to draw attention to outfits. These days, sophisticated styling, accessories, and silhouettes are used to distinguished the hip-hop style from others. Even though colors and prominent brand trademarks are not completely gone, they are more subdued and not as prominent as they used to be. The exception to this rule seems to be Polo branded clothing, but even this trend is less prominent and loud than it used to be.