The finest sports gadgets on offer



The humankind of game and the humanity of technology have had a long and appealing association. It dates back to the days of the ancient Greeks chucking about discuss, and it continues to the present day with Michael Phelps having a space-age swimsuit on for effectively becoming a human dolphin.

In the section below is a list of some the finest sports-associated tech.

Presented below is a truckload of the premium adrenaline pumping, sweat-stained, sporting equipment on the earth. The best way of reading these would not be while you’re comfortably seated on a sofa but while you are out in the lanes for a jog.

Nike+ fuel band

This device is presently on offer in no other place than the Niketown flagship store in the heart of London. This Nike+ FuelBand is basically a movement sensor that is accelerometer-based and also keeps track of all your workouts. Thus, the device becomes more of a “NikeFuel” that fills an everyday target counter and alters the color of the LED meter from to green from red while doing so. It also lets you compute time, steps, and some calories burned.

Leica pitmaster II

Are you among the people who have always believed the only product of German lens-meisters had been a camera? If you are the time has come for you to think once more. Leica Pinmaster II, which has been devised for the prosperous golfer, is a laser-toting device that informs you about your exact distance from the lake/ pin/ clubhouse bar/ bunker. This device, which is capable of precise measurements to a maximum of 825 yards features magnification of 7x and a display that is crystal clear

Lippi musical classic

Known formerly by the name of Selk’bag, “MusucBag” is essentially a blanket designed for rigid cases. As soon as you have slipped it on you’ll experience as though you’re walking about inside a sleeping bag that’s going to let you stay comfortably cozy in the most severely cold conditions. It is of use to all of the couch potatoes for using it anywhere about their residence. However, it shows it real use whole you are out camping somewhere by letting you that extra bit of shuteye. No matter where you are.


Added center wheels that let people ride it in an upright “style” and also in a customary fashion characterize Freebord, which is the crossbreed of a skateboard and a snowboard. You have the option of carving, sliding, slowing down and also stopping anywhere you wish to. The notion behind this device is to present you with more control as well as flexibility than what a regular skateboard is going to offer you. Visit LookWhatsCool to know more on this device.

Gopro HD Hero

GoPro is the name given to a go-to games camera that has been devised primarily for all of the sports aficionados that love the most adventurous sports that include plunging right off cliff faces, cycling their way downward scree-covered inclines or rafting their way through the rapids while secured inside a boat that has the dimension of washing up bowls. HD Hero, which is compact and near unbreakable, is capable of capturing 1080p footage by the use of a lens having a wide angle. It can also be mounted on more or less anything that includes helmets, bikes, and surfboards.