Can Vaping Really Help You To Stop Smoking?

Are you a smoker looking for an alternative which you are actually likely to stick to? While there are a number of different therapy options that you can choose from, many smokers end up heading back to old habits. However, some smokers have turned to vaping and have found that this has really helped with their ambition to quit traditional cigarettes. Here, we’re taking a look at whether or not vaping can really help you to stop smoking, and how.

Vaping Is More Affordable

The costs of cigarettes are continuing to rise, and as a result, vaping is a much more affordable option – particularly if you make your own coils. While you will have the occasional cost of upgrading your vape mods, purchasing e liquids, and replacing coils and other parts, these tend to last much longer than what a pack of cigarettes would and you are often able to find many more affordable options if you look around a number of vape shops and compare products online. A major reason for people to quit smoking is a result of how expensive it is, so vaping really can be an ideal alternative.

Muscle Memory Is Maintained

Smoking is a habit, and muscle memory is one of the reasons people find it so difficult to quit. However, by switching to vaping, you are able to maintain that muscle memory to stimulate the psychological attachment and therefore keep to the familiar motions that you have adapted to. The main benefit, is that you are reducing the risk on your health due to the inhalation of vapour instead of cigarette smoke, while maintaining the muscle memory which can make it more likely that you will successfully quit.

Vaping Can Improve Your Health

A major reason for people to quit smoking is because they notice negative impacts on their skin, breathing, teeth and overall health. If you switch to vaping however, your skin can be rejuvenated (although there is still a risk of wrinkles no matter what you smoke) as well as a reduction in the risk of staining your teeth. Further to this, with no tar contained within vapour your lungs can recover from being covered in the sticky, brown substance. While you are still exposing your body to various toxic chemicals, the most recent long-term study has suggested that vaping is a healthier alternative.

Keep The Nicotine Hit

If the biggest reason for you to not quit smoking is a result of an addiction to nicotine, then you will rejoice in the knowledge that you can enjoy the same levels of nicotine as regularly as you like, when you turn to vaping. However, if you’re looking to cut down on your nicotine and eventually reach a level of 0% nicotine, then you’re also in luck when you turn to your e-cigarette. Vaping is the ideal option whether you’re looking to quit completely or simply turn to a much healthier option.

Whether you’re a current chain smoker, or you’re simply looking for a healthier alternative to your existing smoking habits, then vaping could be the option for you. Seeking the advice of a health professional is always advised before making the switch however, as there are still a number of chemicals which can be found in vapour.