The Best Small Colleges in the USA

Are you or your loved ones planning on heading out to college soon? While for many picking a college can be a stressful and difficulty decision but it doesn’t always have to be; we are here to help! If you have decided that big colleges don’t give the attention that you want in a higher learning institution, here are some of the best small colleges in the USA.
best small colleges
Amherst, Massachusetts
Located in an state known worldwide for its colleges, Amherst is a gem agmong gems. This private, liberal arts college has fewer than 2,000 students per year and promises less than 5 students per adviser. That is a level of personal help you will not find in a large state school. This commitment to one-on-one education spreads to the classrooms where students are treated to a notoriously helpful and knowledgeable staff. If you are looking for a great private, liberal arts school in the Massachusetts area, Amherst is one of the best small colleges in the USA and often makes top ten lists for schools in the USA.

California Institute of Technology, California
Far from the snowy New England winters and liberal arts education of Amherst, is the sunny and science focused: California Institute of Technology. CalTech admits less than 1,000 students per year and considered one of the most prestigious technology based colleges. Engineering and computer science degrees are among the most common majors and this school has long been a jewel in the eye of Silicon Valley recruiters. So if you want one of the best small colleges in the USA with an emphasis on working in a high-tech field once graduating, CalTech is probably your best bet.

Pomona College, California
If you want an impressive liberal arts education like Amherst but the weather of CalTech, maybe Pomona is for you. Pomona College is a highly acclaimed private, non-religious, liberal arts college in southern California that admits roughly 1,600 students. Pomona is proud to have one of the most diverse student bodies in the country with students from all over the globe and from all backgrounds. The college features a unique set of required curriculum that is said to provide one of the best educational foundations in the world, especially if you are interested in a career in entertainment, their alumni lists include several famous Hollywood names.

So whether you are interested in science, creative writing, or acting one of these colleges may be for you. For some students the allure of a small college squashes the draw of big state universities, if that is the case maybe one of these schools will be a great fit for you. While there are hundreds of good small colleges out there, we believe these are some of the best small colleges in the USA. So get your transcripts, applications, letters of recommendation ready, and checkbooks ready, and start applying at these small colleges today!