5 Things to Take Care While Travelling Abroad


Whether you are travelling abroad for the first time or have been there many times, a checklist is important to follow before every tour. Keeping few important things in mind at the time of planning your tour abroad would ensure a hassle free travelling.

While domestic travel requires simple planning of tickets, accommodation, local sightseeing, and meals, international travel has many legal obligations to follow. You would be entering an unknown territory, hence knowing the local culture, travel customs, and food habits would help you plan your tour better. The checklist is too long, however we have tried to consolidate it in few points that you can follow every time you plan your international travel.

  1. Visa and insurance

These are two very important things to arrange before your abroad tour.

  • Visa takes time. Different countries have different visa rules. Visa is offered based on the documents, country of residence, and reason for travel. Some countries would give it simply by checking the details mentioned on the documents, whereas certain others would offer visa only after conducting personal interview. There are some countries offering visa on arrival too. Check the visa rules for the country you are planning to visit in order to keep enough time for the required process.
  • When you are travelling to foreign country, medical insurance becomes very important. The type of insurance can be selected according to the need of medical assistance. Find out if the insurance pays for emergencies, and if not then take up extra cover for added medical security. Supplemental insurance can be purchased for extra medical cover if your insurance provider doesn’t offer you the same.
  • Based on your medical history, get the prescription written from your doctor for the medicines you would be carrying to clear all security checks.
  1. Know your destination

Knowing your destination before visiting is very important. Internet has made this very easy. You can have information about the entire history, culture, and local attractions of the place sitting at your home through internet.

  • Find out the local attractions before heading for the vacation. If you require entry ticket for the places you are planning to visit then buy it in advance. Online tickets are available for almost all places these days. Buying the tickets online would ensure your visit even when there is heavy rush on your day of visit. You will be saved from standing in long queues. Moreover, you will be able to grab the best deal when booking before time.
  • Festivals and events at the time of your stay can be found out before your visit. You can participate in such special event to make the most out of your stay there.
  • Local food and shopping tips must be studied and noted so that you don’t miss anything.
  1. Currency or travel money cards

Visiting abroad means you will have to arrange for local currency. Conversion rates are to be studied. Know whether your currency is higher or lower, if lower then how much? All these matter when you are travelling abroad. Get the currency converted by your travel agent. You will find the currency conversion desk at the airport too, but that would cost you hefty conversion rate. Travel money card is also a safe way to carry money. Bank credit and ATM cards will also serve handy abroad. It is recommended that you keep some cash currency for small transactions in buses and trains where your credit card may or may not work.

  1. Flying Comfort

If the destination you are visiting requires long hours of flying then you will have to work on that too. You want to reach your destination fresh. Some factors that will drive your flight selection are – Fare, comfort, stoppage, inflight meals, duration, and timings. Narrow your search based on the above factors. Emirates UK offers good flying options. There are many other carriers that you can look for. Booking well in advance would make you eligible for deals and discounts.

  1. What you need to carry?

You wish to carry everything along, but there are weight restrictions. Your airlines would provide the guidelines about maximum luggage weight allowed. Stick to the allowed weight, else you will end up paying hefty for extra luggage. Your hand baggage must have some snacks and an extra pair of clothes. If flying to colder destination, keep a set of woolen in your hand baggage too. Many times airline people miss your luggage on the previous airport. It will require a day or two for reaching you, till then your extra clothes in hand baggage would work. If you need some medicines on flight, put them in your hand baggage along with prescription. Electric supply is different for different countries, you will require universal adaptor for hassle free charging of your devices.

Travelling to a foreign destination is so much fun, you get to know new culture and places, but prepare in advance to avoid shocking surprises.