Tyre safety tips before taking a trip

Want to stay secure on the road? These Tire safety tips will go a long way in that quest.

If you are planning a long trip on the open road then you need to make sure that your tyres are up to the task. Many people don’t realise the importance of having their tyres in ship shape, if they aren´t, it can be a huge safety concern for everyone who is in the vehicle. Getting tyres fitted is never easier in this day and age with TyrePlus mobile fitting. Take a look at the following tyre safety tips to take into account before you take your long journey:

Bring a spare tyre

First and foremost it is imperative that you pack yourself a spare tyre which is also in good condition. Any number of things can occur when you are on a road trip but one of the most terrifying is the chance that you may get a flat tyre. Now depending on where you will travelling through, this could be devastating, if you don’t have a spare tyre in the middle of the desert for example, it could even prove fatal! So always ensure that you have a spare tyre in the trunk and the tools you need to be able to fit it, don’t forget to learn how to do it from a friend or family member too!

Check the tyre tracks

Tyre tracks are extremely important in keeping the car steady and secure on the road when making turns. Making sure to #TestYourTreads will prevent your car from skidding too easily when turning and in tough weather grip you more to the road. Before your trip it’s worth getting your tracks checked, in some cases, they can actually be wearing down and still at a decent level however depending on the length of your trip, an expert will be able to inform you if they will become dangerous later on in the journey. If the track is low, it means buying new tyres, but remember you can’t put a price on safety.

Check for bumps and knocks

Bumps and knocks are parts of the tyres which have been deformed through time and can be a huge safety concern. Taking a long trip can also aggravate the bumps or knocks making the tyre even more dangerous the longer you are driving. Getting your tyres checked by an expert is essential before a road trip but if bumps and knocks are encountered on a tyre, a new tyre will need to be fitted.

Ensure tyre pressure is correct

Tyre pressure is something that should be between the recommended level at all times and not just when you are going on a long journey. You can check your tyre pressure easily however it may be better to get an expert to check it and check for any problems with punctures. Remember to always keep your tyre pressure right, it is a great safety concern if a tyre falls below the recommended pressure level.

Hopefully the tips above will have you thinking about how important having your tyres in shape for a roadtrip actually is. Remember that in most countries there are laws in place which legally enforce tyres being up to a certain standard, that is just how important tyre safety is.