Tips on In-Store Marketing For Your Business

Marketing doesn’t start and end with a commercial or a creative piece of content online, and getting people through the door is only half of the battle. Once the customer is inside your store you have a great opportunity to market to them face to face, and this opportunity should never be lost. There is so much that you can do to encourage the customer to buy more, to be impressed and to come back once again in the future. So many businesses get their in-store marketing wrong and that is why we wanted to offer some tips on how to get it right.


There is a fine line between showcasing offers and new products, and overwhelming the customer with Sticker You vinyl stickers, hanging signs and pop-out price tags. When a customer comes into the store you will get great benefits from showing off these offers, but remember that less is very much more. If you don’t keep things to a minimum then every message is going to be lost in a jungle of words and prices. Pick the most important offers in the store, those that you think the customer will like or those which are going to provide the biggest profit and showcase those, not every single offer that you have going on.

Nobody Listens

Another common mistake which people make when they decide to go after the customer in-store is to make voice recordings of the offers which they can find in-store. These announcements will be received in 2 ways, a large portion of the customers will be annoyed at the consent noise which is going on, much like they do in the airport, and the rest of them will simply not be listening. Nobody hears these messages and thinks ‘I must take advantage of that’, this marketing tactic is outdated and could end up having the opposite effect of what you are looking for.

Color Coordination

Brand power is so important in today’s world and that is why you must ensure that any signs, banners or promo stickers and made using the same colors, fonts and styles that you use on the rest of the business. Having this consistent theme helps the customer to easily identify your brand from the rest. Using a Sticker You sticker makerĀ online will ensure that every piece of POS in-store follows the same pattern which bolsters your brand image.

Customer Service

Once customers are inside the store, the biggest marketing opportunity which you have is your customer service. Asking customers if they would like any help, greeting them, smiling and going above and beyond to make them feel special, this is what will convince them that they have made the right choice in coming to you. There isn’t much to separate businesses these days, especially those who sell the same products at similar prices, the key factor in impressing over your competition is to offer the greatest customer service they have ever seen, and you can’t miss this opportunity.

This is how you effectively market in-store.