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4 E-commerce Store Essentials for a Great Customer Experience


Today, online shopping is quickly taking over from the high street in terms of popularity. When shopping for products and/or services online, customers are afforded a higher degree of convenience and are often able to snap up bargains, saving money in the process. But, when you run an online store, encouraging new customers to shop there can be challenging. Not only will you be up against an immense level of competition, you’ll also need to ensure that you meet the changing, high demands of today’s consumers. So, what can you do to improve the experience for your e-commerce customers? Let’s…

The Next Step for Console Gaming


The Next Step for Console Gaming? Video games have become one of the biggest forms of entertainment in history, whether its mobile gaming on the go, putting hours into a fully realistic RPG, or simply online slots with friends, you’ll find a console in almost every home or pocket in the 21st century. In 1972, the infamous Pong was released and would go on to change the face of entertainment and computing forever. Since its release, well over a billion games consoles have been sold across the globe. Although the initial wave of retro consoles like the Atari and the…

Technology Paying Off for Consumers


Technology Paying Off for Consumers If you’d ask nine out of 10 consumers, they’d likely tell you that technology has been a Godsend to their lives. Yes, there are some who still go about their daily activities using as little or no modern technology (computers, cell phones, apps etc.), but they seem to be few and far between these days. With that being the case, putting technology to work for you in myriad of ways is certainly worth your time and energy. Whether it is for business pursuits or just having some fun in your life, know that you have…

Construction Industry Trends for 2017


Since late 2013, residential construction, and particularly, apartment construction, has been a major contributor to the Australian economy. With record numbers of dwellings approved and commenced during 2015, there was a major concern that a housing bubble was being created. The response was that lenders began to place tighter controls on their lending practices causing a slowdown in 2016 of residential building. Commercial construction was also on an upswing as a result of the revenue coming internally from mining and externally from Asian investors. As we enter 2017, there is a question about if Australia has sidestepped the bubble. And…

Are Digital Payments Threatening to Make Cash Obsolete?


“APPLE WATCH – APPLE PAY” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by shinya The increasing popularity of digital payments means that we are edging closer and closer towards a cashless society. In 2015, Denmark made the move towards getting rid of the legal obligation for shops to accept cash payments in an attempt to cut down on costs for processing cash. The move made sense as an estimated third of the country’s citizens already used an official state mobile app called MobilePay to make payments. With the rise of alternative forms of payment such as contactless cards, mobile apps, and Bitcoin, it’s looking ever more likely…

Here’s How New Automotive Technology Can Solve Distracted Driving


Distracted driving is a deceptively complex issue — one that defies easy solutions. But it’s increasingly clear that new technologies will play a large and perhaps decisive role in its amelioration, along with the sorts of cultural and behavioral changes that proved so successful in stigmatizing unhealthy activities such as tobacco use and driving under the influence. These technologies, all of which are operational or in development, are among the most exciting anti-distraction innovations of the decade.

Imagine What Smart Phones will be like in 10 years

what smart phones will be like

Less than 10 years ago Apple released the first iPhone and changed the tech market forever. Think how far technologies on our mobile phones have advanced since then, apps for everything, high definition video, and now ever waterproof. Technology is growing at a exponential rate, we didn’t even have cellphones twenty years ago. If smartphones have changed this much since release, imagine what smart phones will be like in 10 years. Part of your Home Many business predictions for the technology market proclaim smart devices to be the wave of the future. This means your smart phone will hook up…