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How do affluent residents of prime central London support the local economy?


The wealthy neighbourhood of Mayfair is the number one residential spot in prime central London, having reclaimed the crown from Knightsbridge in 2016. It is often mistaken that the affluent residents of the area do not put any money back into the local economy. However, a new report from premier Mayfair estate agents Wetherell, has revealed that this misconception is entirely untrue and these residents contribute to the leisure, employment, and shopping divisions considerably. A respectable 2,000 millionaires call Mayfair home, made up of 20 billionaires and 200 nine-figure salary earners. The ultra-wealthy residents are found to provide an ample…

Why London is a Great Place to Start Up a Business


London is one of the world’s most famous cities and as such it is also a major business capital that continues to attract new investors. With a reputation as a world-leading enterprise capital, London is a great place to start up a new business. 2015 statistics indicate that London hosted no fewer than 400,000 micro business ventures and start-ups in that year. London’s infrastructure makes getting around and accessing facilities easy, despite the dense population and volume of traffic. Public transport and services are well established in all areas. Already well known for its manufacturing businesses East London is home…