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The history of boxing


  Photo by CC user SliderBase on Youtube Of all the sports that we watch on a daily basis, most came about in the past few hundred years. However, there are a select few that can trace their origins to ancient times. Boxing is one of those sports, as people have been fighting each other to prove their physical superiority since the dawn of our species. When two motivated fighters get in the ring with each other, the action can get intense not just for the athletes, but for those in the audience as well. There are even some that log…

The history of modern manufacturing


Photo by CC user Lewis Hine (public domain) on Wikimedia Commons Humans have been building tools to help improve their lives since the Stone Age, but it is only in the past couple of centuries where manufacturing has truly become a modern process. Below, we will briefly go over the history of modern manufacturing, with an eye on where current trends will take this sector of society… The Industrial Revolution: where it all started Manufacturing has been around ever since tools were invented to assist artisans with building tasks, but it didn’t truly become modern until the Industrial Revolution began. Invention…