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The Real Benefits of Renting a Car

Many people choose to rent a car rather than purchasing or leasing one even when they are at home. At first glance this seems like a counterproductive approach to having an automobile. However there are some real benefits to renting over leasing or purchasing an automobile. Here are a few of the top benefits.

Amazing Construction: The Palm, Dubai

‘The Palm’ is an artificial island that was constructed off the coast of Dubai, this incredible man-made island is shaped like a palm tree with a crescent over the top. The design was the brain child of the Prince of Dubai and there is another Palm island in construction right now to twin with the first. The Palm islands have become synonymous with Dubai and once again show off the boldness of the city. The size of this construction job was immense, people like Lisa Dudzik, who have experience in large-scale design will tell you that a job as big…