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5 Business Growth Tips for SMEs  


Starting a business is a rollercoaster experience. There are plenty of highs, but there are also lots of challenges to overcome. No matter where you are in the world, it takes a great deal of determination to drive an enterprise forward and build up that all important first impression. For companies in the Philippines, one of the biggest obstacles is logistics and administration. While it takes mere days to create a business, applying for trading licences can be a time-consuming process. So, you’ve got to have patience and the passion to make it to the top. This guide to strengthening…

4 ways to go the extra mile for your customers


Want to be the business that has customers lining up out the door? Truth be told, there isn’t much that separates the business that has a decent following and one that has a dedicated following. By all outward appearances, these two businesses would look almost exactly the same, but when you would analyze the wildly successful business’ approach to customer service, the reasons behind their popularity would become crystal clear. Robert Bassam applied the principles of Occam’s razor to customer service when he was starting up his auto dealership empire years ago. If you apply them to your enterprise, we…

5 New Ways To Market Your Business


In order to stay competitive, businesses need to consistently find new ways to market their business. While the traditional methods will likely still work for you – TV ads, fliers, word of mouth – your competitors will be using these methods as well. If you really want to stand out about the rest, you need to look for new and innovative methods of marketing that can give you a boost. Below are a few suggestions that you may want to try that can hopefully give your business exposure that traditional methods cannot provide. Social Media Contest There are two things…