A Skin for Your Xbox One Means Style & Protection

Have you sat before your television, mid campaign, and thought about updating your Xbox’s looks? If you haven’t already, now you will! It can be pretty boring looking at the white (or black) console day in and day out. It lacks the personalization that you’ve come to appreciate in your gaming experience, as you’ve customized your gameplay on screen to match your skills and interests. Why not do the same to the system itself?


Of course, you could go through official channels, but if you were at all serious about enhancing the console’s style then you’ve already done that and realized it’s too costly. A quick look on Microsoft’s website can be discouraging. While they offer special addition controllers that take design pointers from your favorite games, they can be expensive. In fact, the Elite Wireless Controller Gears of War 4 Limited Edition is $199.99. That’s nearly as much as a brand new Xbox and only one hundred away from the soon to be released One S.

Luckily, you don’t have to rely on Microsoft for ways to enhance its system’s lackluster style. Vinyl skins are an affordable and easy way to personalize the look of your console and controller without spending the equivalent of a brand new machine. You can shop for Xbox One skins online for as little as $5 when you stick to Xbox One controller decals. For less than $50 you can cover the entire system, Kinect Box and all.

If you’re keeping track, for a quarter of the price of the GoW 4 controller, you can give your entire system a face lift. But don’t worry — Xbox One decals aren’t permanent in any way. You apply them very much like a removable decal, so you can take them off as soon as you get bored of their style, either revealing the pristine Xbox underneath or replacing it with another skin. They’re highly versatile.

They’re also incredibly customizable. Each skin comes in several pieces to provide the closest fit possible, and each piece can take on the color or texture of your choice. Many gamers opt for vibrant carbon fiber in colors such as orange, red, or blue, but those aren’t your only options. The selection of skins Xbox One systems can take on is impressive. From sophisticated wood to futuristic metals to bright true colors, there’s something for everyone. You can choose something that mimics the costly GoW controller or design something utterly unique.

But a fashion update isn’t the only thing you’ll have in store once you order a tailor-made skin. The vinyl used in these skins forms a protective barrier around your system, ensuring wear and tear won’t cause damages to it. Once wrapped around your console and controller, a skin will save it from scrapes, scratches, dents, grime, and spilled drinks. It will even add considerable grip to the smooth controller, providing you with impressive traction when your palms start sweating during a challenging battle.

An Xbox skin provides secure customization for the entire console. Unlike Microsoft, which only provides expensive special editions that replace their controllers entirely, a skin can help you personalize everything for a minimal cost. So the next time you think your system needs a fashionable update, don’t go through the official channels. Find an affordable skin to make your style dreams come true.