Pen a Better Vaping Experience

Do you love the experience that vaping brings you?

If so, doing all you can to get the best products and experiences should be at the top of your priority list.

Whether you are in search of vape pens for a better experience than your previous vaping attempts or you’re just starting out, take the time to do your research.


For starters, take note that vape pens do appear a tad bit larger than cig-a-likes, along with offering an increased battery capacity, thereby giving you more vaping time.

With the right vape pen in your possession, you can enjoy important features such as:

  • Top-fill vape tank construction;
  • Different wattage control to go with pass-through charges;
  • Little or no particles enter your lungs, thereby not having a notable negative impact on your health;
  • They are discreet and can be used in a number of environments.

Which Devices are Best for Your Usage?

When searching for the right vape pen for your recreational usage, there are a number of brands on the market with which to choose from.

Among those that you might try would be the likes of Eleaf, Innokin, Joyetech, Kanger, Vision and numerous other ones.

If you’re feeling like you need some assistance in selecting not only the best vape pens, but also learning more about the advantages and any possible disadvantages to vaping, remember these tips:

  • Friends and family – What better resources can you have in order to learn more about vaping than those closest to you? If you know some people close to you that are vaping, let them show you the ropes. Everything from how to do it the most economical way to limiting any negative impact on your health, learn from those with experience;
  • Going online – Before there was an Internet a few decades ago, most people learned how to do different tasks by either watching others or seeing something about the topic of interest on television etc. Flash-forward to today and the Internet has just about any topic available that you want to learn more about. In order to learn more about vaping, you can start by checking out those companies that sell products tied to the industry, i.e. vaping pens, tanks and coils, batteries etc. By doing a simple Google search with terms such as vaping, vaping industry, pen vapes etc. you can oftentimes find what you are looking for. Also put social media to use in your search. There are vaping vendors that are active on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. You can also engage with a number of these vendors, directing any questions to them to educate yourself more about the industry. That said also reach out to other vaping enthusiasts using social media and online forums to learn more about the best devices etc. to use.

Doing Vaping in Moderation

Finally, while some will question the healthiness of vaping, like many things in life, doing it with some moderation is important.

If you’re a younger person (early 20’s etc.); use vaping in moderation when getting started. The last thing you want to do is get too dependent when it comes to vaping, finding yourself having a habit you may not want for many years to come.

On the flip side, various studies seem to point out that vaping is not nearly the health threat that actual cigarette smoking is. With that in mind, you should still do vaping within moderate levels.

So, is vaping for you in the New Year and beyond?

While you may be new to vaping or have been doing it for a number of years, make sure you continue to educate yourself on the process.

In doing so, you’re much likelier to pen a better vaping experience now and down the road.