How Can Solitaire Boost Brain Productivity?

Think about the last time you flipped through your phone. Boring Facebook posts, tweets that weren’t interesting – you’re viewing hollow media. It’s not doing anything for you. When we don’t use it, we lose it, and it’s especially true for our brain productivity.

Solitaire is helpful when you want to promote positive brain function, because it forces you to use your logic and reasoning skills, as well as accessing your ability to perform basic mathematical deductions. If you’re not playing a game or viewing media that’s challenging you, you get into a rut, view the same boring, hollow media, and end up suffering for it.

High brain productivity is enforced when we force it into action. When you play a game like solitaire, there are no mind numbing parts to it – you’re using your brain, your logic, your reasoning and mathematical skills at every single turn, every move you place.

It’s the same principle as Sudoku, brain teasers, anagrams, and other fun things that get our minds racing, thinking of answers. When you’re actively thinking of something, whether it’s an idea or an answer to a question, your mind is at work like a beehive. When you don’t keep the mind active, you fall subject to slow responses, inadequate thoughts, or otherwise simplistic answers and thoughts that don’t nurture or challenge you on a daily basis.

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