4 Important Points to Consider When You Buy Dress Shoes for Work

Your workplace does not have a relaxed dress code. That means you must have standard business attire to wear every day. Along with the clothing, you also must have shoes that are considered appropriate for the environment. Here are a few points to keep in mind when you set out to purchase a pair or men’s dress shoes for wearing at the office.

The Quality of the Leather Counts

You already know that anything other than leather is not a good choice for any workplace where serious money is made. Taking it one step further, the search for shoes should include close attention to the quality and type of leather used. It’s possible to purchase a relatively inexpensive pair from an off brand, and you may have leather shoes. Unfortunately, the leather is of low quality and will not hold up well for long.

A better approach is to go with a brand known for only selling quality goods. You’ll find that sticking with a brand like GEOX shoes ensures you get leather that will hold up well to a lot of walking and still look professional.

Keep the Color and Design Simple

Understated should be the order of the day when you choose a new pair of dress shoes. That means staying away from designs including tips that are too pointed or too square. Staying with one color is also a good move on your part. While fads come and go, a pair of basic black dress shoes with a slightly rounded toe will always fit in.

Stick With a Lower Heel

Depending on your height, you may be tempted to choose a dress shoe with a slightly taller heel. A good rule of thumb is to not consider any heel that is taller than 3cm. Anything over that begins to look a bit like the heel of a boot rather than a shoe. Since you do work in an office where business attire is required, those shoes with higher heels may get frowns from the boss. Keep them under 3cm and you’ll be fine.

Go With Good Arch and Sole Support

While you may spend a lot of time at a desk, there is also some walking involved. Your feet should not feel tired at the end of the day. If you try to cut corners and purchase an inexpensive but inferior pair of shoes, prepare to do a lot of feet soaking when you get home.

Always make sure the shoes provide the cushioning and support needed to ease stress on the feet. Along with preventing stress on your feet and lower legs, the support will help you avoid a number of circulation and leg issues in the years to come. Paying a little more now for a quality pair of shoes for the office is worth every penny.

As long as you are buying a pair of shoes for work, remember to look at athletic shoes suitable for running, walking, or even camping. You’ll find that brands like New Balance shoes will have what you need and provide the same quality for those lifestyle shoes as you require for your dress shoes.


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