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4 E-commerce Store Essentials for a Great Customer Experience

Today, online shopping is quickly taking over from the high street in terms of popularity. When shopping for products and/or services online, customers are afforded a higher degree of convenience and are often able to snap up bargains, saving money in the process. But, when you run an online store, encouraging new customers to shop there can be challenging. Not only will you be up against an immense level of competition, you’ll also need to ensure that you meet the changing, high demands of today’s consumers. So, what can you do to improve the experience for your e-commerce customers? Let’s…

Understanding the Process of SEO

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization. Digital marketing and search engine optimization are two peas in the same pod. It is all about getting people to come to the website because they are genuinely interested in what is on there, through the major search engines.

Four Key Steps in Using Innovation Software

Crowdsource software is a vital tool towards driving innovation in your business. However, getting the most benefits out of this takes quite a bit of work. You need to identify the software, install it on your network, encourage people to participate, and so on. Once you have done all of that, however, it is still no guarantee that thousands of ideas will suddenly start flowing in. Rather, you need to be realistic about the things that need to be done, and the challenges you can expect along the way. So what are the four key steps you need to think about?

What Is Synygy Inc. and Who Is its founder?

Mark Stiffler is just 35 years old, and he has already founded a huge company: Synygy Inc. of Bala Cynwyd. Stifler is obsessed with analytical processes, because he understands that information is what is needed to reach goals. He started to become interested in data analysis as an MIT undergraduate student, and kept going from there. Following his undergraduate degree, Stiffler went on to complete an MBA. As part of his degree, he had to complete a thesis, which he entitled “Overcoming Barriers to the Effective Use of Simulation as a Strategy Analysis Tool”. What shines through, even just in…

Larry Polhill – Things to Consider Before Buying a Business

For some people, the thrill of starting their own business and of making something from nothing makes all of the sacrifices of time, energy and money well worth it.  However, other people like Larry Polhill prefer to acquire businesses that are already established with proven revenue streams and existing customers.  If you are considering the purchase of an existing business, here are some things to keep in mind. Contracts and Agreements There is no question that it is a good thing to have contracts or sales orders in place as you take over – this can take some of the…